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Paint Peeling Off Wall Like Wallpaper

Someone told me to sand the walls good then use a oilbase primer than a latex paint. I have no idea if this was the right thing to do.

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Case i have seen of this was in a stairwell in a renovated house and the paint on the walls of the stairwell was coming off in sheets like wallpaper.

Paint peeling off wall like wallpaper. In every room of my house when i try to paint the walls when the new paint dampens the wall and old paint it is covering i get huge bubbles over a foot long by foot wide pulling the new and old paint completely away from the wall just like peeling away skin. Peeling and scraping off layers of old wallpaper can leave the walls beneath covered in adhesive. The paint keeps on peeling off of the wall in different places.

Throughout the house where any thing has leaned against the wall or pushed against the wall at all the paint peels like its rubber peeling away from the wall. Scrape off the loose paint paint wallpaper size onto the walls and once dry apply lining paper. The paint that i applied adhered to the paint that was already there and all of the layers are pulling away.

Recently i noticed that the paint is separating from the plaster and in some spots can be peeled off like wallpaper leaving bare plaster. Its likely just the latex paint because if the oil based paint was sticking to it it wouldnt be peeling off. If you want to strip it thats definitely possible just make sure to take all the latex paint off every last bit of it.

Its like paint isnt peeling in some places but is in others. My problem is that this is a brand new home built this year 2017. If you plan to hang a dark color wallpaper prime or paint the walls in a similar shade before you begin.

Hi like many other posters i have sections of paint that are peeling it comes off in huge sections and is rubbery. Worried so rang dh whos away he said to peel off any that would come away saying that maybe the plaster underneath was damp so to just pull the old paint off. If i peel it offthe skip coat plaster pulls off as wellright down to the drywall.

Posted on march 17. I think that the latex paint may have shrunk slightly and pulled the underlying layers from the. I scraped the peeling paint off the walls 3 monthes ago repainted and it just started peeling off like before.

Paint peeling off plaster. When water penetrates through the coats of paint it causes the layers to separate and detach from the surface. Carefully peel away the strips of liner on both sids of the cut.

Water is the primary cause of flaking paint on bathroom walls and ceilings as well as on exterior walls. This results in bulging cracking and finally peeling. Smooth the panels back together.

My bathroom is now a war zone. Two thirds of the walls are now back to bare plaster and ive got a huge bag of sheets and strips of. You should have an almost invisible seam between the two sections.

Worse it can leave them pitted and scarred from your attempts to remove every last shred of paper. The water can originate from a leaking roof gutter flashing or soffit.

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